What Happens When You Feel Like Giving Up?

“Whenever I feel like giving up, I don’t…I overcome.” Xavyer Zeigler Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself at the point of giving up on someone or something. When you choose to give up, that is when you lose out of having the chance to achieve your goals and dreams. When you decide to get up and overcome the obstacles that are in your way, you are able to power through and find a way to make things happen in your life. I am often reminded in my journey that overcoming something requires time, inner strength, and a good support system. I have found that to be true because there is no timetable on how it should take to overcome something, plus if you are going to ever overcome any obstacle, it must come from the determination that exists inside of you and people who will be by your side. This was the case when I lost Speranza, my

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What Is The Impact Of The Choices You Make?

“Your life is a result of the choices you make…If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices.” -Unknown Keep this in mind when you reflect on where you are in life and the impact of your choices. If you make bad choices throughout your life, it will leave you in a predicament where you are not happy with what is around you, and it can bring forth a bad attitude. You may try to blame others and never take responsibility, but you are ultimately responsible for the choices you make and the life that you live as a result of them. I am a believer that a person will not make better choices in life until they have reached their personal “rock bottom” in life. I believe this because once a person hits a point where they have nowhere to go, that is when true change can happen. For me, that “rock-bottom” had me

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