Can You Judge A Book By Its Covers?

“Never judge book by its covers unless you are willing to read the pages between them.” Michael J. Fite Keep this in mind whenever you think you know a person’s situation from simply what you see. When you judge only by what you can see, you wind up creating an easy plus, but a hard minus at the same time. On one hand, you may get an early preview of what you need to know, but on the other hand, you miss out on getting to know the person or thing that may prove to be valuable in your life. When you decide to get to know someone or something through listening, learning, and understanding,  you gain a better feel of that person or thing, and there is a chance that you gain someone or something that may be valuable to your life. My mother always tell me that I have always been the person who will befriend anyone regardless of

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Why Should You Be Active Versus Passive About Life?

“Begin while others are procrastinating. Work while others are wishing.” -William Arthur Ward Keep this in mind when you are wondering what is the difference being passive and being active. When you are passive in your life, you spend time procrastinating and wishing that you could do something, but not doing anything to change your situation. This will cause you to miss out on opportunities and cause you to feel resentment towards other people and life. When you are active in your life, you actually begin to and work towards bringing the change that you desire in your life. This will cause you feel in control, and you start to see things move around you. I remember growing up how I was passive about talking to and dating women. I would wish and dream about it, but never took action. I will admit that it did cost me the opportunity of getting to know women and dating during high school.

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