How Do You Change Your Perspective And Watch The Money Flow In?

Someone tells you to come up with two unique products before tomorrow. Where do you turn? Probably the Internet. And if you are like most people you would jump on Reddit or Stumbleupon and try and sift through the never ending webs of the internet spending hours getting sidetracked by ads, pictures of cats, and that YouTube video you watched a month ago that you kind of want to watch again. And 10 minutes before you have to talk about your two new products you’re still trying to think of something or if you’re lucky second-guessing what you did come up with. People turn to the Internet for everything. News. Entertainment. Friends. Love. And the answer to any question is on the Internet. But most of the time you end up staring at a screen for a few hours instead of doing what you set out to do. You just have to know how to use it. If you just

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What Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Dreams?

“The only thing that stops you from reaching your dream, is you.” -Jindavil Keep this in mind whenever you are trying to figure out why you have not reached the goals and dreams you have envisioned for yourself. It is easy to point the finger at other people and things, but the reality is that nobody can affect or stop you unless you give them the power to. In addition, whenever you find yourself doubting your own goals and dreams, it is very likely that you will stop yourself from realizing them. Growing up, I had a cousin who had dreamed of becoming a wrestler one day. We would watch wrestling, talk about wrestling, and even practiced the moves from time to time. As of today, he has not yet realized his potential of becoming that wrestler he had envisioned. It is easy to blame family members who may have doubted him, or the circumstances that he was faced with,

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How Do You Become The Expert?

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” -Unknown Keep this in mind whenever you are trying to figure out how did a person become good at what they are doing in life. Experts are not exactly born from the womb, nor do they pop out of thin air. To be the expert at anything, you have to become a beginner and start learning. Through learning, planning, action, and adjustments along the way, you start to refine your craft until you eventually become an expert yourself. I can remember growing up wanting to have a successful marriage, but could never figure it out because there were not a lot of them for me to see. In order for me to accomplish this, I had to be a beginner through learning what is the model of a successful marriage from both my uncle and mentor, who both still long and successful marriages.  By asking questions and watching them, I came up

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