How Do You Overcome The Fears Of Others?

“Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push hard.” -Kushandwizdom Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself surrounded by voices of doubt and fear. When you decide to let those words creep into your mind and cause you to give up, it is hard to come back from it because you now have embodied those words of doubt and fear. Once you have that inside of you, it causes you to remain in your comfort zone and you will always be left with wondering “what if” and “should I” when it comes to the unknown. When you decide to take those words as motivation to push harder, you will find yourself developing the toughness and desire necessary to make things happen. I have seen that the sources of these words come from people who falls into three categories: They never tried it themselves: They look at you doing something new or different

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