Are You A Big Dreamer Or Small Dreamer?

“It’s best to dream big and have big goals so that you can have an unlimited ceiling in your life than to dream small and have small goals to where reach a limited ceiling in your life.” -Michael J. Fite Keep this in mind when you find yourself trying to determine the size of your goals and dreams. To have a big dream or goal may be scary at first because you do not know how exactly you are going to get there, but it allows for you to have something to grow into, learn from, and help create new possibilities. When you choose to have a small dream or goal, you can only go so far and it can limit you from seeing your true potential in life. I have learned in my existence that people who dream big seem to be crazy to those who dream small. I have always been puzzled by that but the answer as to

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Will You Spend Today Complaining Or Doing Something About It?

“Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.” -Unknown Keep this in mind if you are spending any part of today complaining about what happened yesterday. When you do so, you are wasting valuable time out of today focusing on something that you cannot go back and change instead of using today to create new chances and opportunities to build a better tomorrow. I am a believer that tomorrow cannot happen in anyone’s life worrying about yesterday. I find this to be true because it is hard to go forward and conquer anything when a person is mentally stuck in reverse. I am reminded of when I was living at home with my mother at 20. I did not like the fact that I could not have a room to myself because I felt I was too grown to be sleeping on a couch or in the same room as my brother. I would spend a lot of

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