How Can You Change Your Destiny From Failure To Success?

“You are destined to repeat your failures until you solve the problems that are in front of you; only then can you become destined for success.” Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself going through a repeat of failures in your life and wondering why it seems like nothing you do seems to fix the issues. In this video, the guy had the same issue over and over, and he did everything he thought he could do to fix his problem, but ended up with the same result…dying. It was not until he looked at the one thing that was standing in front of him that was causing his misery…his stopwatch. Once he closed his stopwatch, he was able to pay attention and changed his destiny from dying to living.

Although this may not be exactly you, do you feel like you go through something similar to this constantly in your life? Have you been through this before ever in your life? If so, then keep reading because I do have insight on this matter. If you never been through it, keep reading because this can help you understand why a person may go through such issues and how to help them make the change.

What causes you to repeat your failures are the issues right in front of you. A bigger problem may be that you already know what is the issues are in front of you, but you want to pin your issues to someone or something that has nothing to do with you being in the situation that you are in. To solve the problem, you have to eliminate what is distracting and keeping you in the failure cycle and replace them with good habits and positive actions that are going to change your outcome.

I found myself in the video because I my constant failure was not accepting responsibility for my actions. I thought it was easy to run from them, but I learned that problems stay around long enough to catch to you. It did catch up to me 2007, when I almost paid the price and almost found myself unemployed.

My issue was nothing external. It all had to do with me being unorganized and immature about handling my responsibilities on time and in order. Once I recognized the issue, I started to fix the problem by having a schedule and following my schedule to where I keep things manageable and organized. This changed my destiny from possibly becoming unemployed and hating life to being happily employed and loving life.

Your destiny does not have to be a repeated failure as long as you start fixing the issues that are in front of you. The sooner you fix your issues, the sooner you can change your destiny and move towards achieving your goals. Let’s remember that you control your own destiny; the only way to get to your positive destiny is to fix your issues with solutions and replace your bad habits with good habits.

-Michael J. Fite


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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