How Can You “Make It” When Everyone Else Is Failing?

Alexander the Great. Universally considered one of the world’s greatest leaders. He lived over 2,000 years ago, and in his short life (he died at 32) he conquered over 2,000,000 square miles of land. At one point in his conquests, he entered a city. In this city, there was a famous oxcart. The cart was tied to a big pole with an impossibly complex knot. Known as the “Gordian knot.” It had been prophesied that whoever could untie this knot would be the king of all Asia. Many had tried to untie the knot over the years. Everyone had failed. But Alexander was determined. After some careful thought, he took out his sword. He lifted it high, and brought it down on the knot… slicing it in half! And knot was undone. And later, he did indeed become the ruler of much of Asia. Just like it was prophesied. A simple solution to a complex problem. But are there always

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Are You Leveraging “The Power of Proof”?

Starting in 1969 McDonald’s restaurants began displaying the number of hamburgers sold on its “golden arches” signs. They would change the number every time another 5 billion mark was passed. “20 billion sold…25 billion sold…30 billion sold.” It’s probably no accident that this bold “proof” advertising happened simultaneously with McDonald’s most phenomenal period of growth. The 1970s. Who can argue with a number like “45 billion sold”, right? And for the on-the-go Americans of the 1970s, when fast service and convenience was of McDonald’s a “no brainer” decision. It practically made their on-the-road dining choice for them. Why not go where billions and billions have gone before? How can you possibly go wrong? And now they’ve sold so many burgers that the signs just say “Billions and Billions Sold.” That’s the importance of proof in marketing.   MTTB has been able to accomplish similar results in online marketing with over $20,000,000 in commissions. To get access to a free video to check out

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How Do You Change Your Perspective And Watch The Money Flow In?

Someone tells you to come up with two unique products before tomorrow. Where do you turn? Probably the Internet. And if you are like most people you would jump on Reddit or Stumbleupon and try and sift through the never ending webs of the internet spending hours getting sidetracked by ads, pictures of cats, and that YouTube video you watched a month ago that you kind of want to watch again. And 10 minutes before you have to talk about your two new products you’re still trying to think of something or if you’re lucky second-guessing what you did come up with. People turn to the Internet for everything. News. Entertainment. Friends. Love. And the answer to any question is on the Internet. But most of the time you end up staring at a screen for a few hours instead of doing what you set out to do. You just have to know how to use it. If you just

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Why You’re Making The Same Money Everyone Else Makes?

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford Are you doing what people want? Are you just creating Excel sheets and filing reports for you boss? Then you are not going to do anything big. Especially not make yourself a fortune. Because if you just do what people say and want then you’re going to get the exact same thing everyone else gets. 40 years behind a desk and a retirement where you still have to worry about money. But if you think like Henry Ford or Steve Jobs then you aren’t looking for what people say they want. You’re looking for something different. Something most people have never considered. Because that’s how you make yourself a fortune. People want safer cars. But most of the automakers never thought that a computer driving a car would be much safer than a human. That’s why someone is going to be getting a

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What Your Income And Books Have In Common

Books have had a rough couple of years. But now they are back on the rise. And the reason why is the same reason you can earn commissions worth thousands every week from your own computer. Ever since E-readers arrived physical book sales have slid. Big chains like Barnes and Noble and Borders have closed a ton of their stores or completely gone online. And industry experts predicted that as e-Readers capabilities spread physical books would sell less and less until they were not a factor anymore. It makes sense. You can carry a libraries worth of books in your pocket with an E-reader. The only problem with that theory is that this has all happened before and books have always kept selling. When the radio came out people thought it would be the end of the book. The same was said when T.V. spread. But each time the book survived. And now book sales are rising again despite E-readers

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