What Are 11 Resolutions You Can Do In 2018?


“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” -Carl Bard

Keep this in mind when it comes to new beginnings. I want to start off with a quick 50 word motivator to get you ready for 2018:

2018 is finally here! If 2017 was not good for you, leave it behind and start anew. If 2017 was successful for you, build upon it. Do not make any excuses at the end of the year why you failed to succeed when you had 365 days to do something.


If you need help in coming up with some resolutions, then I have what you need. Statistic Brain has a list of the top 10 resolutions from 2017. (I know the site says 10, but it is actually 11!)

ll New Year Resolutions For 2018!



Lose Weight / Healthier Eating

  • Being that your body is different and unique, do your research and find the best workout and/or exercise routine that works for you.
  • Instead of having big unreachable goals, give yourself smaller goals so that you can have smaller victories to build upon in your diet and/or exercise routine.
 Belly, Body, Calories, Diet, Exercise, Fat, Female, Fit


Life/Self Improvements

  • This a great opportunity to pick something that you can easily do and feel that will make your life and/or yourself better.
  • This a great opportunity to start a new project, improve something about you, or even make an addition to your life.
 Training, Businessman, Suit, Manager, Skills, Teaching


Better Financial Decisions

  • This year can prove to be beneficial to you to make decisions with your money that will add to your financial worth over the long-term.
  • Take the moment to save money, invest in something (land, stocks, business, etc.), and develop a budget/spending plan that will keep you on track.
 Money, Dollars, Success, Business, Finance, Cash


Quit Smoking

  • Making the decision to stop smoking is a tough one, but if you can do it, it will add years to you life, fresher scent to your clothes, and money in your pockets.
  • You can choose to either quit cold turkey, use a nicotine patch, have a support group, or even check out the CDC for tools and resources.


Do More Exciting Things

  • If you are needing to add some excitement to your life, use 2018 as your year to do something to add flavor and zest to your life!
  • Try to take a trip to a new place, do something you have never done before, or even dare/challenge yourself to live on the edge a bit.
 Freerider, Skiing, Ski, Sports, Alpine, Snow, Winter


Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends

  • This year is a great chance for you to catch up, feel closer, and spend time with those that are near and close to your heart, especially if you have not heard from them for more than a few years ago.
  • Make some time for an extra long phone call, video call, or visit to where your family and/or friends are.
 Men, Women, Apparel, Woman, Man, Couple, People, Happy


Work Out More Often

  • This can be your year to make some room in your schedule to an additional workout session that prove to be beneficial to your overall health.
  • This can be simple as taking an extra day or night walk around the block, doing a 30 day singular exercise challenge, having a support partner to work out with, or even researching simple workouts online that can be done in as little as five minutes.
 Push Ups, Exercise, Fitness, Workout, People, Sport


Learn Something New On My Own

  • This year is a year for you to have self-discovery and knowledge on something that can truly empower your live.
  • You can can achieve this by learning a new skill, talent, ability, or information without having people to interfere with their thoughts and opinions.
 Happy, Fun, Kids, Musician, Electric, Smiling, Sound


Do More Good Deeds For Others

  • If your feeling generous and positive this year, why not use this opportunity to do nice and kind things for other people who will spread good cheer and happiness.
  • With the money, time, and/or resources that you may have available, use this time to help, show guidance, volunteer, or even donate.
 Help, Child, Charity, Voluntary, Children


Find The Love Of My Life

  • If you are a hopeless romantic, not good at finding love or just cannot find the right person, this is your year to get out in the dating world and find Mr. or Mrs. Right in 2018!
  • The tips are endless as how to find that special someone, but here is my TOP 5 tips from a man who is going on 15 SUCCESSFUL years of marriage (ME) based upon my experiences:
    1. Ask for guidance from someone who has SUCCESSFULLY found, married, and still with the love of his or her life.
    2. Be completely honest to yourself and the person you are dating about who you are and what you want in your soul mate.
    3. Update your dating and social profile with current pictures and information about yourself.
    4. Be prepared to find love when and where you least expect it.
    5. Do not find your equal, but rather someone who compliments and balances you out in the following two ways:
      • A person who allows for you to use your strengths to make him or her better.
      • A person who can see your weaknesses and make you stronger.


Find A Better Job

  • If you are stuck in a job that does to fulfill your personal, professional, or financial goals, it may be time for a chance of scenery in the workplace.
  • If you want a better job, Carole Martin with Monster.com has Interview tips: 10 tips to improve interview performance. Feel free to check it out for more information.

From these 11 resolutions, there is plenty for you to pick from. What matters here is that you pick one and give it your absolute best so that you can be successful in 2018!


If you need any help with making and keep the resolution that you have chosen, please check out my post below:

What Are Five Tools Required For A Successful Resolution In 2018?

I look forward to you having a successful 2018, and remember that as long as you know what you want to do and have everything in place, you can end up having a successful 2018! It only takes one successful resolution to have a great 2018!



I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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