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I want to thank my wife for sharing this post concerning what is seen on movies and what is actually life. There is only much that a movie, book, or program can cover when it comes to military life. They offer some good insight, but until you experience or even get to know what is involved, it is hard to gather it in a two hour movie.

The movie Max offers some insight on one of the best partners to have in the military: a Military Working Dog (MWD). The movie will open your eyes to some of the value that a Military Working Dog has to its handler. When you actually see the Military Working Dog and handler in person, you will see a lot more to the story. The relationship that a handler and MWD has is something special because they become apart of each other and can read each other very well. As a handler myself, I can tell you that each one of my dogs have a special story and meaning to me, and there is a reason why they are called Guardians of the Night.

I encourage you to not only watch Max, but check out these special dogs in person. You will be amazed by what they can do and how they keep us all safe. Remember that when you are sleeping, at work, or doing whatever you are doing, there is always a four-legged partner who is always on call to keep you safe from bad guys, drugs, and explosives…

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