The Twinkle Challenge: Can You Make Someone Twinkle Today?


“Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle.” -Marilyn Monroe

Today, I want to challenge, inspire, and motivate you to do one thing today: TO MAKE SOMEONE TWINKLE TODAY!

What are the rules of this challenge?


Why do I want you to make someone twinkle today?

I want you to make someone twinkle because of the following:

  • It can inspire confidence, faith, and self-esteem inside of a person.
  • It can motivate a person to try, give, and do their best.
  • It can challenge a person to keep on going and never give up.


Why do I know you can make someone twinkle?

I know you have the ability to make someone shine brightly, glow beautifully, and blush with amazement. I am sure you have a history of making someone twinkle with your thoughts, words, and actions. I am also sure that someone in your life has made you twinkle before giving you an idea on how to do it.


How can you make someone twinkle today?

Here are a few ways you can make someone twinkle:Compliments

    • There is nothing wrong with complimenting someone on how they look or when they are doing something good for you or someone else.
    • A simple, straight forward compliment works as long as your intent and purpose is genuine and the person can sense your honesty.
    • A compliment can make a person smile, blush, and appreciate you. It can also lead to you gaining a new friend or even a lover.
  1. Smile
    • A smile can go a long ways towards offering light to a person on any day because it serves as a icebreaker and confidence booster.
    • Make sure your smile is natural and it fits the moment, or else people start to question your purpose of smiling.
    • A smile can serve to be very contagious as long as you know what it takes to bring it out of a person.
  2. Hugs and Kisses
    • A good hug or kiss can make a person’s day and make them either appreciative or affectionate as well.
    • The hug or kiss must be well placed at the right time, or else you wind up causing problems and find yourself in trouble.
    • A hug or kiss can do wonders towards cheering up a person’s day, spreading like a wildfire, and making a new a friend and/or lover.
  3. Acts of kindness
    • When you do something nice for someone, it can bring out compassion and appreciation.
    • Do not be afraid to help or assist someone whether it is needed or not because you never know what it could mean to that person.
    • Acts of kindness are often remembered and can make a person feel thankful and even special inside.

Can I make you twinkle?

Let’s see if I can make you twinkle today in a personal letter to you, the reader! Let me know if I were able to do so in the comments section below:

If you find yourself here, it is for a reason.  I am happy and thankful you are here. You are apart of my success because of your presence here, and I hope that you get to come back again in the future.

I know that you have what it takes to make a difference today. Whether it is through your presence, your words, or your actions, you have what it takes to make someone twinkle and shine bright today. 

What makes you twinkle in my eyes is the fact that just like a star in the sky, you have the ability to shine and make wishes come true to the right people. You have the ability to flash a smile, give someone hope, and make people believe. 

Just like you are making me twinkle and smile by being here, I want you to do the same for someone else day. Trust and believe in the gifts and abilities make you shine, and use them to uplift and inspire someone else. 

I thank you in advance for displaying what makes you twinkle inside and outside to the world.


Michael J. Fite


Go and make someone twinkle today!

Let me know how you did it and the results of your efforts.

Can you make someone twinkle today?

-Michael J. Fite

I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

37 thoughts on “The Twinkle Challenge: Can You Make Someone Twinkle Today?

  1. Great post and i think it is so important to make people twinkle… even the smallest warm smile is akl ut takes

    Make someones day

    In the uk we have this concept …good deed for the day.. now i dont know if anyone does it ..but i try to because it is something i been doing since i was small … and just a hello is enuf sometimed

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment and insight Thoughts! I appreciate the fact that you do good deeds because it shows people compassion and kindness. I do the same here in the US and it truly goes a long ways towards making someone twinkle!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing Myfamilyteencom! I am happy to see that you have been and still are making people smile because you are truly making a difference in the world. You truly are a gem to the people you touch!


  2. This is a very beautiful post and I just read it after coming back from the hairdresser. The girl who washed my hair today (and gave me an amazing head massage) was wearing this great lipstick. She was also very good looking. I told her. I told her how pretty I think she looks and how much I liked her lipstick. You should have seen her face. It just brightened up like a million stars… It made me smile too.

    Thanks for making me twinkle too with your post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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