What Will Your Plopping Spread And Leave Behind?


“Whenever you plop your thoughts, words, and actions upon anyone or anything, it spreads and leaves behind something. Whatever you spread and leave behind will be what the world will remember about you.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind whenever you are thinking about plopping your words, thoughts, and actions upon the world.

It is a fact that you have great power in your words, thoughts, and actions. It is important to know that how we plop that upon people and things will spread  and leave something behind.

Today, we will answer the following:

  • What does it mean to for a person to plop?
  • How does plopping go wrong?
  • How can your plopping spread and leave behind positivity?

Now that we have the questions, let’s find the answers!

What does it mean for a person to plop?

Merriam-Webster gives the definition for a person to plop as:

  • To sit or lie down in a heavy or careless way.

When a person chooses to plop, it can come with great force and without due regard.


When does plopping goes wrong?

Depending on the person and situation, what we plop upon someone or something can go wrong and leave behind negativity and pain. Here are a few examples below.

  • Plopping your negative words and thoughts.
    • When you plop your negative words and thoughts upon someone or something, it spreads unto other people making them just as negative as you are.
    • Plopping your negative words and thoughts upon someone can also spread violence and hate among people and leave behind considerable damage to people, communities, and even the world.
  • Plopping your actions.
    • When you plop your body with great force and carelessness upon someone or something, you could possibly hurt or break that person or thing.
    • Plopping your actions without any care for someone or something can spread serious serious pain and leave behind marks that would take quite a lot to patch up and heal.

How can your plopping spread and leave behind a positive impact?

Not all plopping has to spread and leave behind negativity. Your plopping can spread positivity and leave behind a positive behind in many ways. I will list a what you can positively plop below.

  • Plop good words and thoughts onto the world.
    • Plop positive words and thoughts into the world with the intent of motivating and inspiring people.
    • Positive words and thoughts can spread hope and opportunity among people as long as you can teach and show them the way.
    • Your positive words and thoughts can leave behind the type of change that will heal, grow, and change the world beyond today.
  • Plop your good deeds onto the world.
    • Plop the action to help and assist people in becoming better and healthy in the world.
    • Good deeds can spread gratitude and appreciation among others as long as you your heart and intent is in the right place.
    • Your deeds can leave behind a positive example onto the world as to what it means to do good without causing harm onto others.

I encourage you to take the time and review how you are plopping your words, thoughts, and actions upon the world. Realizing the power that you have, understand that you can effect someone or something simply by what and how you choose to plop. Let’s remember if you plop negativity, you will spread and leave behind negativity, but if you plop positivity, you will spread and leave behind positivity.


I have a few questions to ask you in which I would love for you to give some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below.

  • What was the most memorable moment you plopped positivity or negativity upon someone or something?
  • What effect did your plopping have on that person or thing?
  • What advice would you give to someone who chooses to plop their words, thoughts, and actions upon someone or something?

Your answers and comment can help yourself or someone else understand this important question about the power you or they have today….

  • What will your plopping spread and leave behind?

-Michael J. Fite



I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

3 thoughts on “What Will Your Plopping Spread And Leave Behind?

    • Thank you for your comment and insight Lisa! The beauty of a word is that it can mean something different to each person and in a different place. I love looking up the definitions and sharing because you can always learn something new when it comes to how a word is used.


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