Share Your Melodies To The World Challenge – What Does Your Melodies Tell The World About You?


“Know a person is like music, what attracts to them us is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.”

Keep this in mind whenever you are wondering how much melodies can tell about yourself or someone else.

Today, I have a challenge for you! Today is all about sharing your melodies to the world and seeing what people can identify about you through your melodies. Before we get to the challenge, let’s answer a few questions.

What is a melody?

Merriam-Webster defines melody as:

  • A pleasing series of musical notes that form the main part of a song or piece of music.

  • A song or tune.

A melody, when put together nicely, can be a very beautiful thing to listen and sing to.


What can a melody do for you?

On one side, there is nothing like hearing a good melody to get you going and feeling good. It can give you confidence, energy, and power when you are needing to be inspired. When you are listening and even singing a few pieces of your favorite melodies, it just makes you want to put in some extra energy in whatever you are doing.

On the flip side, for some people, hearing a melody can make them feel sad because it reminds them of a tough moment that was hard on them. It can make them think about people and things in a way that words cannot describe it.

A melody can have an effect on your thoughts, mood, and feelings.


What does your melodies tell the world about you?

Your melodies serves as your business and identification cards to the world. It gives people a glimpse of the following:

  • Your feelings and emotions. Your melodies can let the world know how you are feeling at a certain place and time in your life.
  • Your views and thoughts. Your melodies can let the world know what your views and thoughts are about yourself, a particular person, event, idea, thing, or life in general.
  • Your music. In a lot of cases, your melodies can help the world understand what and why you like to listen to in certain moments in your life.
  • Your story. Your melodies can tell your past, present, and future story to the world in ways that you may not be able to describe in your own words.

Your melodies will speak for you in places and times where it take more than words to describe you.


Now to the challenge: Share Your Melodies To The World!

I want you to share your melodies to the world and the community. Before you do it, I will share mine first. If I am going to ask you do it, I should be willing to do it myself too!

  • What do my melodies say about me?

For myself, I will share a few of melodies that resonate inside of me for different reasons and purposes. Click on any of them, and let me know what my melodies tell you about me.

Wretch 32 – ’24 Hours

David Dallas – Runnin’

Paul Schwartz & Lisbeth Scott – Fear Not

Anita Baker- Giving You The Best That I Got

Marcelo Vasami – On The Way

Linkin Park All For Nothing (ft. Page Hamilton)

Amel Larrieux – Weather

I am interested in knowing what you think about me because it helps me to understand how you view me.


  • What are your melodies?

Share your melodies with the community with a link to the songs (if possible), and see if we can capture a glimpse of who you are. You may be surprised with a few of the answers, but you will find that your music can tell more about you than you can think or imagine.


-Michael J. Fite




I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

23 thoughts on “Share Your Melodies To The World Challenge – What Does Your Melodies Tell The World About You?

  1. Wretch 32…interesting, powerful
    David Dallas – Runnin’ — This is on my list now..
    Paul Schwartz & Lisbeth Scott – Fear Not – Beautiful
    Anita Baker- Giving You The Best That I Got: A favorite
    Marcelo Vasami – On The Way–Total Love
    Amel Larrieux – Weather: Joy

    You might like these:

    Misty Blue:
    Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Español):

    Liked by 1 person

    • Etta James-Misty Blue: Trying to let of someone, but cannot get the person out of your head because of the good times you had.
      Enrique Iglesias -Bailando: Nothing but having fun and trying to capture the lady you have your eyes set on. Love the energy and fun in the video and song.
      Osmani Garcia ft. Pitbull-El Taxi: Another fun song that just makes you want to either get your own taxi or find a taxi and have some fun.
      Overall, I love the different flavors and it has me loving what I hear….Thank you for the music Robert!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Michael, Not sure what it says about me, but I like it all. I grew up near Philly, so R&B, Motown were the early influence. Then the Beatles happened. Hard rock, punk, rap, even hardcore punk that I’d learned to love when my son played bass in a few bands. I see music as a playlist of my life, each song can bring back a wave of memories. It is why I like the randomness of my car radio. Often, it seems to connect to emotion…the right song appears just when I need it most. ☺ Found your post via Robert. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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