What Are Four Ways You Can Deal With People Talking About You?

“You cannot control someone who chooses to talk about you, but you can control how those words ultimately affect you.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind whenever you become the topic of conversation.

Today’s inspiration is straight to the point because it is about you. The goal of today’s inspiration is to help you understand how to deal with being the topic of conversation. If you can deal with this, you will be able to control the impact it has on you personally.

Now, it is time to ask some questions and get some answers!

Do people talk about you?

If so, do not feel alone at some point, everyone has talked about someone before. Some things will be good while some things will be bad. Some things you will hear while there will be some that you will not hear. Here are the three realities about people talking about you:

  1. People have talked about you in the past.
  2. People are talking about you today.
  3. People will talk about you tomorrow.

Simply put, whether you know it or not, someone is talking about you.

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Can you stop people in general from talking about you?

As much as you want to stop people from talking about you, the answer to this questions is going to be no. No matter what you do in order to get people to stop talking about you, there will always be something that you do that makes you the topic of conversation. Here are three more realities to consider:

  1. There will always be someone looking to talk about you.
  2. If someone wants to talk about you, they can and will do so without your permission.
  3. Even if you stop someone from talking about one thing about you, they will find something else about you to talk about.

This is something that you cannot avoid regardless of whatever efforts you may try to do in order to stop it.

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Is it good or bad when people talk about you?

This will depend on the exact topic, who it talking about it, and how it is received by you and others. I will explain a little further:

  1. Depending on what the topic may be, it can be a moment that you either are proud of or unhappy with.
  2. Depending on who is talking about it, they see it and interpret it according to what they feel and think about you and what have either said or done.
  3. Depending on how you and other people may receive what is being said about you, it has the potential to either uplift or lower your spirits.

There is no true way to know in advance whether the conversation pertaining to you will be good or bad until it actually happens.

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What are four ways you can deal with people talking about you?

Knowing that people will talk about you, it is important to learn how to deal with it, whether you know that they are or not. I will share with you a few ways to deal with this important question:

  1. Accept that people will talk about you regardless.
    • You can do this using your daily affirmations.
    • Accepting this fact will allow for you not to worry about if someone is talking about you.
  2. Do not overreact to what is being said about you.
    • You can do this by maintaining your composure and remaining humble.
    • When you do not overreact, good or bad, you are able to accept what is said with a leveled head.
  3. If you have an issue with what is being said, go to the source.
    • You can do this with a simple conversation either online, on the phone, or even in person.
    • Going to the source allows for you to ask questions and seek clarity on what has been said about you.
  4. Continue to be yourself always.
    • You can do this by simply living your life and being confident in whatever you are doing.
    • Continuing to be yourself will keep you grounded and feeling good about yourself.

These four ways will help you deal with people talking about you, whether or not you know it.

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Let’s remember that no matter how often you are the topic of conversation, if you do not let it bother you, you will always be in control of your reactions to whatever is said about you.

In the comment section, I want you give thought to the questions posted below. Feel free to answer or comment below:

  1. What do you think whenever people are talking about you?
  2. When do you find yourself confronting people who are talking about you?
  3. How do you handle yourself when you hear people talking about you?
  4. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to deal with someone speaking about him her?

Your comments and answers can help yourself or someone else understand that people are going to talk about you no matter what, but it is how you handle it that will determine its impact on you.


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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