How Can You Go From Beginner To Expert In 1o Steps?


“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” -Unknown

Keep this in mind whenever you wonder how about experts started out.

Experts started out as beginners like you and I. They have learned and crafted their knowledge and talents over time in order to become known for what they do. The reality is that we are all capable of being experts, but the reality is that most people do not know or realize it.

Let’s answer some questions to see how you can become and expert and what makes you an expert already!

What is an expert?

Merriam-Webster defines expert as:

  • Having or showing special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or what you have experienced.

An expert simply shares the things and talents that they are confident in to the world.


How can you go from beginner to expert in 10 steps?

It does not take a lot for you be an expert. Here are 10 things you can do in order build the expert that you want to be.

  1. Start with yourself.
    • For you to be an expert, everything starts with you opening your mind, body, and soul to learning something.
    • Start by eliminating “can’t” from your vocabulary, and replace it with “I can” through your affirmations.
  2. Know your interests.
    • If something interests you, you tend to focus your attention towards learning how to do it.
    • You can do this through researching online, talking to people, or travelling in person.
  3. Pick what you want to be an expert in.
    • This may take time, but once you know what you want to master, it makes things easier.
    • Take the list of interests that you have gather, and just pick what you feel you can accomplish and achieve.
  4. Gather the resources.
    • This will be a constant process because there will be things you will need along the way, but gathering the things you need will help you prepare for what want to do.
    • Do not be afraid to spend the appropriate funding and time to get everything that you need because resources work best when you focus on quality versus quantity.
  5. Allow for teachers to teach you.
    • It helps to have people who have expertise in what you want to do help you unlock your potential and teach you what they know so that you know too.
    • Do not be afraid to learn from those who may have relative life experiences that can give you practical knowledge.
  6. Put into action what has been taught to you.
    • Use and apply the knowledge in order to see what works and to fix what does not work.
    • This will require you to trust in the knowledge and have the ability to be flexible to try and adapt as needed
  7. Study and practice.
    • You have to keep studying and practicing on the skills and knowledge in order to get better.
    • Do not be afraid to continue your studies of your interest online or through life experiences so that you can put into practice new ideas that can help you become closer to the expert that you want to be.
  8. Learn from your failures and mistakes.
    • Use your failures and mistakes along the way as opportunities to improve on what you want to be great at.
    • By letting go of your pride and ego, you can accomplish this task and come back stronger.
  9. Have faith.
    • Believe and trust in yourself, your abilities, and your skills.
    • Use your affirmations, meditation, and prayer daily and often to help you gain the faith that you need to stay strong.
  10. Be patient.
    • It may take you longer than others to be an expert in something, so give yourself time and flexibility.
    • You can also use meditation and a good support group to help you stay calm along the way.

Following these 10 steps over time can help you build and become the expert you want to be.


What makes you capable of being an expert?

You may not think you are capable of performing the 10 steps above, but I have news for you: YOU ARE CAPABLE! Here is what I mean:

  1. In order to be the expert in your life, it started with you.
  2. You learned what interests you and focused your attention in those areas.
  3. Over time, you have picked the things you want to specialize in.
  4. You have gathered the things over time in order to do what it is you want to do.
  5. You have allowed for other teachers and experts to come in to teach you what they know.
  6. You have put into action what have been taught to you by someone else.
  7. You have studied and practiced what has been taught and shown to you in order to get better at what you do.
  8. You have made mistakes and had failures along the way, but you have learned how to get up and keep going.
  9. Your faith in yourself, your skills, and your abilities is what kept you believing that you could be what you are today.
  10. Your patience and flexibility has allowed for you to be where you are today.

If you are already doing this with your life already, you can do this with anything else you want to be an expert in!


I encourage you to reflect on the things that you feel you are an expert in. Think about how long it took and everything you had to do in order to get to this point. You will be surprised about how were able to accomplish it. Let’s remember that you are capable of being an expert in anything you want, but in order to accomplish it, you have to put in the work.


I have a few questions to ask you in which I want you to give some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below.

  • What are you an expert in?
  • What makes you the expert that you are?
  • How much work did it take for you to get where you are?
  • What would you tell someone else about becoming an expert?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else learn and understand two things…

  • How can you be an expert?
  • What makes you capable of being an expert?



I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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