How Do You Overcome The Fears Of Others?

“Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push hard.” -Kushandwizdom Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself surrounded by voices of doubt and fear. When you decide to let those words creep into your mind and cause you to give up, it is hard to come back from it because you now have embodied those words of doubt and fear. Once you have that inside of you, it causes you to remain in your comfort zone and you will always be left with wondering “what if” and “should I” when it comes to the unknown. When you decide to take those words as motivation to push harder, you will find yourself developing the toughness and desire necessary to make things happen. I have seen that the sources of these words come from people who falls into three categories: They never tried it themselves: They look at you doing something new or different

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How Patient Are You With Your Growth?

“Growth and the sun have the same thing in common-they both may be slow, but the end result is a beautiful sight to see.” -Michael J. Fite Keep this in mind whenever you are trying to figure out why you have not progressed or grown when it comes to the things you are aspiring for and wanting to be in life. When you rush the growth, you wind up sabotaging the process and may either force things sooner than expected or kill the momentum that you had already built up. This will leave you feeling angry and mad at the world for something that you truly had control over. When you allow for the growth to take place, things will fall into place and you will see people and things come into your life when they are supposed to come. One characteristic all people can agree on about me is that I am slow and methodical. I remembered back in

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Why Have Perspiration When You Already Have Inspiration And Aspiration?

“The best inspirations and aspirations are nothing but hot air without perspiration.” -The Valorian Keep this in mind when you find yourself wondering why your inspirations and aspirations are not leading you to the success that you were hoping for. It is okay to have the inspiration to something, and the aspiration to be someone, but without the perspiration, you cannot move towards accomplishing your goals and dreams. When you do add perspiration, you are adding the fuel to get things going for yourself which leads you towards accomplishing your goals and dreams. My mother serves as a good example of how her aspiration, inspiration, and perspiration all came together to bring her success. When I was beginning my senior year in high school, I joked with my mom how I may get my diploma before she got her GED. Being the competitor she was, she told me that she would get it first, and then the race was on!

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How Do You Talk To Yourself?

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” -Lisa M. Hayes Keep this in mind whenever you wonder how your own words can affect you. Considering that you are the first person to hear yourself, you will take heed to your own words. When you tell yourself that you cannot, you are likely to stay in your comfort zone causing you to miss out on a chance to improve yourself. When you tell yourself you can, you are likely to try something new and have the chance to improve yourself. I remember whenever I would do my video thoughts, I would often hear myself because I was the first person to speak, edit, and review it before anyone else did. The words that I spoke served as motivation for me to keep going because I felt that I was giving something to world that was given to me: encouragement and hope. Now I could have spoken negativity

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Why Should You Try If You Are Going To Fail?

“Try and fail…but don’t fail to try.” -Sohaib Uddin Khan & Habil Guya Keep this in mind whenever you are fearful of failing at anything in life. If you never try anything, how do you know what you are capable of doing in life. When you do try, you will encounter failures along the way, but the beauty is that you can get up from those failures, learn from them, and improve so that you can succeed in anything that you do in life. I remember when I was presented with the opportunity to invest in stocks in 2003. I knew that I wanted to do it since high school when I did fantasy stock market games and did well. I was faced with opposition from people because of their fears that I would lose money and that it was not meant for me to be apart of. I could have listened to them, but I probably would be left

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Do You Succumb Or Overcome Your Fears?

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” -Aristotle Keep this in mind when you faced with your fears and you are trying to figure out what to do. If you let your fears overrule your life, you will never try nor accomplish anything in your life. This can lead to you to have regrets about things and resentment towards people who achieve or talk you out of trying anything. If you learn to overcome your fears, you will realize that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to and try. This can lead you to have confidence in yourself and the strength to endure any obstacle that you can face. When I left for the military in 2006, I had two fears. The first fear was that I would not make it because I could not swim well. The second fear was that my wife was probably going to leave me because I left to

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Are You Leveraging “The Power of Proof”?

Starting in 1969 McDonald’s restaurants began displaying the number of hamburgers sold on its “golden arches” signs. They would change the number every time another 5 billion mark was passed. “20 billion sold…25 billion sold…30 billion sold.” It’s probably no accident that this bold “proof” advertising happened simultaneously with McDonald’s most phenomenal period of growth. The 1970s. Who can argue with a number like “45 billion sold”, right? And for the on-the-go Americans of the 1970s, when fast service and convenience was of McDonald’s a “no brainer” decision. It practically made their on-the-road dining choice for them. Why not go where billions and billions have gone before? How can you possibly go wrong? And now they’ve sold so many burgers that the signs just say “Billions and Billions Sold.” That’s the importance of proof in marketing.   MTTB has been able to accomplish similar results in online marketing with over $20,000,000 in commissions. To get access to a free video to check out

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