What Are Three Ways You Can Release Your Inner Beast From Captivity?


“The beast in me is caged by frail and fragile bars.” Johnny Cash

Keep this in mind when you think that you cannot escape whatever is holding back the inner beast inside of you.

Inside of you is a beast that is awaiting to come out and play. That beast is that inner voice of desire and fire that wants to make something happen in your life. I will ask you three simple questions.

  1. Are you ready for that beast to come out and play?

  2. Do you trust and believe in your inner beast?

  3. Are you ready to see all that your inner beast can do?

Today’s inspiration is all about that beast that you have caged up. We will discuss the following:

  1. What makes up the bars you have your beast locked behind?

  2. Why are you sentencing your inner beast behind bars?

  3. What are three ways you can release your inner beast from captivity?

Now that we have the questions, let’s find the answers!

What makes up the bars you have your beast locked behind?

The bars that you are behind are the fears, doubts, and failures of yourself and others that have “strengthened” and “hardened” over time due to the fact that you allowed for it to happen. Let me explain how you got these bars established:

  1. It started with yourself or someone else telling you that you cannot achieve your goals or overcome the obstacle that is in front of you. After hearing it enough, you start to believe that you cannot do it.

  2. From those fears, doubts will come in to prevent you from trying or even cause you to stumble and fail because you have been mentally sabotaged by those same fears.

  3. Once you have quit or failed enough times, you start to strengthen and harden the bars that prevent you from trying anything new or overcoming obstacles.


Why are you sentencing your inner beast behind bars?

You have mentally and physically sentenced your inner beast behind these bars over and over for failing you. Here is the actual reality and problem with your sentencing:

  1. The reality is that you are sentencing your inner beast behind these “bars” because you allowed for yourself to be sabotaged by yourself, something, or someone else.

  2. Your inner beast is suffering because you do not trust it to come out and propel you to success.

  3. You are suffering because instead of spreading belief in yourself and others, you are now spreading fear and doubt in yourself and others.

You do not have to accept this final verdict that you have placed your inner beast under!


What are three ways you can release your inner beast from captivity?

It is time to break out of those bars you have your inner beast behind. Here is how we can fight this verdict and release your inner beast.

  1. Let go of the past.

    • If you keep holding onto your past failures, your beast will always remain behind your bars of doubt and fear.
    • You can do this through forgiveness and finding peace with the results of the past.
    • When you can let go of the past, you can begin to look at what is in front of you.
  2. Listen to your inner beast.

    • Your beast is trying to express itself to you, and it is important to always listen.
    • Take the time to see and understand what motivates and excites your inner beast.
    • Listening to your beast can help you focus on doing and accomplishing things that make your inner beast successful.
  3. Believe in and stick with your inner beast from start to finish.

    • Your inner beast can never achieve its goal in your life if you are not willing to believe in and stick with your inner beast from start to finish.
    • Have faith and stand tall with your beast through the ups and downs in order to develop confidence and strength.
    • Believing in and sticking with your inner beast from start to finish will give your beast the fuel needed to overcome obstacles that are in the way.

You have too much on the line to let yourself, someone, or something hold your inner beast back from running strong and powerful in your life.


I encourage you to release your inner beast from captivity and allow for it to do what it is supposed to do in your life. It will take you on a journey of ups and downs, but as long as you believe in yourself, have a good plan, and keep a good support system of positive people, your inner beast will take you where you need to go in life. Let’s remember that your inner beast cannot perform behind your bars of fear and doubt; it must be released into the world so that it can bring you closer to success!


I have five questions based on my previous posts that tie into this very thing. Give it some thought and I would love to hear what you think on this matter.

  1. Do You Rejoice Or Regret Over Your Gains and Losses?

  2. Why Should You Try If You Are Going To Fail?

  3. Do You Take The Advice Of Your Fears Or Your Confidence?

  4. How Do You Achieve Your Own Freedom?

  5. Are You Ready To Go Forth And Conquer?

In addition, I have some more questions to ask you in which I would love for you to give some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below:

  1. Can you recall a time where you kept your inner beast locked up?

  2. Why did you choose to lock up your inner beast?

  3. When did you decide to let it out in order to help you succeed?

  4. How has releasing your inner beast helped you to become successful in your life?

  5. What would you recommend to someone who has their inner beast locked behind bars?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else figure out that your inner beast does need to come out and make the presence needed for you to charge towards being successful.



I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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