Why Are You Resisting Change In Your Life?

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain.” -Believe Fitness NY Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself in a position to resist change. If you are only focusing on what you have to give up, you will hold on tighter to the things that keep you in your comfort zone. When you decide to look at what you have to gain, you will take the necessary steps and some risks in order for the change to take you to where you are supposed to be in life. I have seen where people will refuse change because of personal beliefs and what other people have shared with them over time. If there is such a comfort zone with a person, they will not want to leave what they are familiar with. The problem is that if you never leave your comfort zone, you cannot

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How Much Will You Invest In Yourself?

“You cannot receive a positive return on yourself, you have to invest in yourself first.” -Michael J. Fite Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself wondering why you are not seeing the results you seek in your life. If you are willing to take the time to invest into yourself, you will find that what you put into yourself can manifest itself into something greater than you can imagine. When you choose not to invest in yourself, you will find yourself still in the same position as you were before in your life. How do you invest in yourself?  There are many ways you can do so, but I will touch on a few common ways. If you have more ways, feel free to add in the comments section and share on your site so that this investment of thoughts can grow. Money is perhaps the #1 way people choose to invest in themselves. The more you are willing to spend

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Are You Normal Or Unique?

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” -Maya Angelou Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself deciding whether it is okay to be normal or unique. It is okay to be normal, but you will find yourself just like everyone else and not really trying anything that will make you stand out or become better in life. This can lead to people not taking notice of and recognizing you from the crowd. When you decide to step out and be unique, you get to try out and explore different things that will help you to grow and take on your own identity. This can lead to you gaining confidence in yourself and getting noticed by people. Why do people want to be normal when they can be unique? The easy answer is this: it is easier to a person to follow the crowd than to stand apart from it.

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How Do You Overcome The Fears Of Others?

“Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push hard.” -Kushandwizdom Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself surrounded by voices of doubt and fear. When you decide to let those words creep into your mind and cause you to give up, it is hard to come back from it because you now have embodied those words of doubt and fear. Once you have that inside of you, it causes you to remain in your comfort zone and you will always be left with wondering “what if” and “should I” when it comes to the unknown. When you decide to take those words as motivation to push harder, you will find yourself developing the toughness and desire necessary to make things happen. I have seen that the sources of these words come from people who falls into three categories: They never tried it themselves: They look at you doing something new or different

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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

“If you spend 86’400 seconds each day on things to improve your life, you will become wealthy in other areas of your life.” -Michael J. Fite Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself wondering the true value of your time. When you decide to waste your time being unproductive or hanging around negative people, you will not gain all that you possibly can out of the chances that you do have. This can cause you to miss out on your own growth and be angry at others who use their time wisely. When you decide to productively use your time on things and positive people who will improve your life, you will start to see how each second that you use can benefit you. This can give you the confidence and faith to keep on adding and acquiring things that will make your life even better than before. Being that I am an investor at heart, I do believe

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