What Is The Full Value Of Jeopardizing Yourself?


“Jeopardizing yourself to help someone else, regardless of the outcome, is the ultimate form of kindness and compassion.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind when you are wondering about the value of jeopardizing yourself to help another person.

Jeopardizing yourself is something that may not realize you do. No matter who or what you put your life on the line for, you are making some type of impact.

In today’s inspiration, we will take a look at the following:

  • What does it mean to jeopardize?
  • What is the real deal when it comes to jeopardizing?
  • Can you afford to jeopardize?

Now that we have the questions, let’s find the answers!

What does it mean to jeopardize?

Merriam-Webster defines jeopardize for us:

  • To put (something or someone) in danger.

Simply put, jeopardize is a form of risk taking that could prove to be dangerous or fatal should something go wrong.


What is the real deal when it comes to jeopardizing?

The reality is that we all have jeopardized ourselves, someone or something at one point or another in our lifetime. There are costs to jeopardizing and it varies depending on the people and situation.

  • It can physically, mentally, and spiritually hurt people. 
    • Physically, it could cause an injury, sickness, or even death.
    • Mentally, it can cause a headache and mental issues.
    • Spiritually, it can cause someone to be out of favor with their higher power.
  • It can affect comfort zones and bring chaos.
    • When the comfort zone is jeopardized, it can make a person freak out.
    • A jeopardized comfort zone also brings a confusion and madness to a situation.
  • It can have an adverse effect on the future.
    • Jeopardizing today can bring forth things that can limit a person’s future potential.
    • Instead of having optimism about tomorrow, a person’s jeopardizing could wind up having doubts and concerns due to their actions.
  • It can cost money, time, and relationships.
    • Financially, it can cost a person a lot of money to fix and repair the damage that comes from jeopardizing.
    • In terms of time, a person loses valuable time having to go back and fix the damage that came from jeopardizing.
    • In terms of relationships, it can strain and or break up families, couples, co-workers, and friends.

The price of jeopardizing can be expensive can be a lot. It can be more than enough to keep someone from even think of jeopardizing someone or something.


Can you afford to not jeopardize?

As much as we are told not to jeopardize ourselves, someone, or something else, there is one important factor: without jeopardizing, we miss out on some of life’s most valuable lesson and people.

Here are a few things for you to think about:

  • What if police officers never jeopardize their own safety save people?
    • Many people may get hurt or even die at the hands of a criminal.
    • A person may remain stuck in a vehicle or place that is smashed or burning.
    • There would be more violence and chaos.
    • There would be no law and order.
  • What if firefighters never jeopardize their own safety to save people?
    • Fires would rule everywhere.
    • People would remain trapped inside houses, cars, and other places.
    • The air would be polluted with smoke and carbon monoxide, which can cause breathing complications.
  • What if athletes and stunt doubles never jeopardize their own safety to entertain and win?
    • Teams would never experience what it means to sacrifice and leave it all on the field, court, or court for the sake of the team winning.
    • Actors would be forced to do their own stunts.
    • Most action films and shows would be boring due to lack of stunts or main actors failing at performing stunts.
    • There would not be a lot of fans of action movies, shows, and sports.
  • What if parents never jeopardize their own safety to save their kids?
    • Kids would become serious hurt or even die.
    • Kids would not be provided a safer environment to grow and be themselves.
    • Kids would not feel safe in their own homes.
  • What if people never jeopardize themselves for someone else?
    • There would be no real-life heroes.
    • Nobody would give to or sacrifice for others.
    • There would not be any organ donors.
    • People miss out on what it means to have someone stand up for them in the face of hard times.

When you look at what is missed by not jeopardizing yourself, it makes you see the term in a different light.

I encourage you to think about the ways you jeopardize yourself for other people. There will be good and bad moments that you can recall, but what counts is that you are willing to show people that you are willing to put yourself on the line to help them the best way you can. Let’s remember that although jeopardizing can be seen as a bad thing because of the cost you may pay, if you are jeopardizing for the right reasons, the rewards will always outweigh the risks.


I have a few questions to ask you, and I would like for you give it some thought. Feel free to question and comment below:

  • What was one moment that you jeopardize your life for someone or something else?
  • Did it turn out to be a good decision or bad decision?
  • Why was it good or bad?
  • How did it affect your life and the person/thing?

Your answers can help you or someone else understand…

  • What is the full value of jeopardizing yourself?

-Michael J. Fite


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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