How Do You Paint Your Own Life Masterpiece?


“Your thoughts, words and deeds are painting the world around you.”

Keep this in mind whenever you are wondering how is your life masterpiece is being painted.

What does it mean to paint?

Merriam-Webster defines paint in verb tense for us:

  • To cover (something) with paint : to put paint on (something).

  • To make (a picture or design) by using paints.

  • To describe (someone or something) in a particular way.

As you can see painting allows for us do a lot with paint and either a brush, our finger, or anything that allows us to paint.


What does it mean to and how do you paint your own life masterpiece?

Painting your own masterpiece is something you are doing daily. You do not have to be an artist, musician, or poet to do it. Here is all you need and how you are doing it:

  • You will always have the artist available daily: YOU! 
    • Nobody else can paint your life the way that you do because they do not have the experience or knowledge to do so!
    • Only you can paint your own life masterpiece!
  • You will always have the canvas available daily: THE WORLD!
    • With each day, the world appears before you waiting on you to do something with it.
    • You always have the ability to paint your world different each day if you choose.
  • You will always have your paint available: YOUR THOUGHTS!
    • Your thoughts can be warm or cold in color.
    • Your thoughts can offer that same color onto the world.
  • You will always have your brushes available: WORDS AND DEEDS!
    • Your words and deeds will paint your thoughts for the world to see and understand.
    • How you paint through your words and deeds can effect how the world views and deals with you.

In painting your life masterpiece, you are giving the world a chance daily to get to know your life.


What should you paint about in your life masterpiece?

That answer really is up to you as the artist. Whatever you choose to paint and express to the world should reflect who you are and what you want people to know about you. If you find that your masterpiece is not reflecting that, it is time for you to change it!


Why should you paint your own life masterpiece?

Nobody else can nor will paint your life masterpiece your way because they are too busy painting their own. If you do not paint your own life masterpiece the way you want, you will always be misunderstood in the eyes of the world and even yourself.


I encourage you to focus on how you will paint today for the world to see. It is important because what you put out can affect you and the world around you. If you paint positivity, you and the world can see and become that positivity. If you paint negativity, you and the world can see and become that negativity. You have that power in your paints (thoughts) and your brushes (words and deeds), so use them wisely today. Let’s remember that how you paint your life masterpiece can affect how world sees you and how you can change the world, so make each thought, word, and deed count in that life masterpiece!


I have a few questions to ask you, and I want you to give it some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below.

  • What will your life masterpiece be today?
  • How will you paint that life masterpiece?
  • What do you want people to see when they view your life masterpiece?

-Michael J. Fite


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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