Can You Finish Something Moving Slowly?


“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” -Unknown

Keep this in mind whenever you do anything in life. Although we all may move at different speeds in life, what matters most is that you do not stop at whatever you do. You may not be faster than the person next you when it comes to a race, driving somewhere, learning new things, or accomplishing goals, but as long as you are not stopping, you will eventually get there.



A lot of people get discouraged when they see other people pass them and think that because they are not as fast as that person, they feel inadequate. That alone can cause a person to feel like quitting, not putting forth their own best effort, and giving up on finishing their goals and dreams of finishing what they have started. This can also trickle down to a person maybe becoming afraid to try anything new in the future because of what they had previously experienced.

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The military has taught me something through training that I love personally in my life which is: Slow is smooth; smooth is fast. That simply means this:

  • Slow is smooth: When you are slowly moving you are focusing on the fundamentals and following the steps to get to where you are going. When you are trying to be too fast, you sometimes forget things and eventually it goes from smooth to rough in a hurry causing you to fail.
  • Smooth is fast: When you are slow and develop smoothness to your process, you gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become smarter and eventually become faster in what you are doing.


The military has also taught me to adopt my own mentality that I have shared with others, and I want to share with you:

“It does not matter if a person passes you by in life. What matters the most is that you run your race and you finish your race.” -Michael J. Fite

I personally live by this manta in everything that I do. Here is what 10 years of the military has taught me personally:

  • I understand that I am not the fastest person whenever we do long formation or fitness runs.
  • I understand that I am not the best person initially at everything.
  • I understand that other people will get promoted faster than I will.
  • I even understand that I will get passed over just because I am not either the most qualified, flashiest, popular person.

What matters the most is that I start whatever I do and I finish whatever I do.

  • I may not be the fastest person, but I finish my runs within the time allotted.
  • I may not be the best person at something initially, but I learn how and eventually become one of the best.
  • I may not get promoted quickly, but I do what it takes to get their when I am supposed to.
  • I may get passed over on opportunities for not being flashy or popular, but I do take advantage of the opportunities that I am given and make them count.


What does all of this mean for you?

  • Do not worry about people passing you by for whatever reason.
  • Move at your pace and believe in what you are doing.
  • You may not be first in the eyes of others, but as long as you are moving, never stop, and finish what you started, you will first in your life!

Let’s remember that it does matter how slowly you move in whatever you do as long as you do not stop because as long as you are moving, you will eventually finish and achieve your goals and dreams!


I understand that this a lot, but do understand that I believe that as long as you are moving, I know you have a chance of accomplishing your goals and dreams. Here are a few questions I have for you, with the first one being apart of my previous work. Feel free to read it when you have a chance. Also feel free to answer and comment below.

  1. How Patient Are You With Your Growth?
  2. Will you keep on moving no matter how slowly you are going?

-Michael J. Fite


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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