How Can You Turn Pretend Into Reality Now?


“Pretending to be someone, have something, or feel anything all starts with our imagination and dreams. The only way pretending becomes reality is when you believe and do what is necessary to have what you want and become the person you want to be.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind whenever you stop and think about how pretend can lead to reality in your life.

We all have pretended to be someone, have something, or feel a certain way at times. Pretending happens to be a double-edge sword in a way because although we may like how it makes us feel at times, it is frowned upon when someone is not actually what they say feel or think.

Today’s inspiration is all about turning the people and things that we pretend to want, feel, and be into reality. The good news for you is that you have done this over and over in your life, and I am here to share with you how you can do it again. We will discuss the following five questions:

  1. What does it mean to pretend?

  2. What are five reasons why people would want to pretend?

  3. What are five ways that pretending can go wrong?

  4. How have you turned pretend into reality in the past?

  5. What are four ways you can turn pretend into reality now?

Now that we have the questions, let’s find the answers!

What does it mean to pretend?

Merriam-Webster defines pretend as:

  • To act as if something is true when it is not true.

  • To imagine and act out (a particular role, situation, etc.).

To pretend is simply wanting to experience something that is not apart of your everyday life to see how it feels and be.


What are five reasons why people would want to pretend?

As I mentioned earlier, everyone has pretended at some point in their lives for a variety of reasons. I will list five reasons below why people would want to pretend:

  1. They are unhappy with their current life situation.

    • There are times where a person may not be happy with their personal, spiritual, or professional status in life.
  2. They feel like an outcast.

    • There are times where people can be considered to be an outcast because of their looks, comments, and social status.
  3. They want to hide something.

    • There are times where people do not want the world to know who they really are  daily and what they are thinking (or feeling) from one moment to the next.
  4. They want to be their idol, role-model, or hero.

    • There are times where people try to pretend to be someone who is successful, skillful, and powerful to where they try to emulate that in their own lives.
  5. It makes them feel good.

    • Simply put, for many people, pretending feels good because they are letting their imagination run wild and free.

Pretending becomes an outlet for people to escape and find out what it is missing in their everyday life.


What are five ways that pretending can go wrong?

As good as pretending can make someone feel, it can also go wrong. Here are five ways pretending can go wrong:

  1. When a person lies about who they are and what they think.

    • People can find themselves in a situation where they are lying to someone or something about who they are and what they think/feel in order to fit into a particular group.
  2. When people spend more time trying to live in an alternative situation versus fixing their present situation.

    • People may like pretending so much that they forget that their current situation is needing some attention as well.
  3. When people do not ultimately become in reality who or what they are pretending.

    • People may find themselves falling short of becoming what they are pretending to be depending on the situation.
  4. When the pretending hurts someone.

    • Pretending to know something or be someone can get someone else hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially because they were unwillingly brought in by lies and deceit.
  5. When everyone knows that the person is pretending.

    • When everyone knows that someone is pretending to be someone or something that they are not, it ruins the credibility of that person and it becomes a let down for everyone who was affected by it.

If not careful with pretending, it can lead to a big mess in life that has serious consequences for everyone involved.

How have you turned pretend into reality in the past?

Believe it or not, you have pretended to be someone or something growing up. Whether it was your favorite athlete, role model, or parents, there was some quality that they had that made you want to pretend that you were them at one point. That pretending was you tapping into your imagination and experiencing it for yourself.

For certain things, you ultimately found a way to turn pretend into reality when you actually learned what it took to be an adult or learned how to drive. You actually listened, put in the work, and eventually saw the thing you pretended to be as a kid become reality as an adult.

What are four ways you can turn pretend into reality now?

Is it possible to turn what we pretend into reality? The answer is YES! Even if it is not realized yet due to circumstance, it is possible to realize what it is that you pretend, even if it is for a second. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Ask yourself if you can truly be who or what it is that you are pretending to be in reality?

    • You need to know this if you are planning to make the transition from pretend to reality.
      • If the answer is yes, then go to step #2.
      • If the answer is no, be very careful about being someone or something that you are not.
  2. Research what it is that you are actually trying to do and/or be.

    • Understand what it is that you are wanting to do and/or be through asking questions, shadowing, and observation.
    • Your research allows for you to get the full picture of what it is that you are wanting to turn from pretend into reality.
  3. Have a plan of transition.

    • If you are going to make this transition from pretend to reality, you need a roadmap to success.
    • In your plan, have people and resources that can actually help you acquire the things you need and guide you accordingly so that you can make pretend into reality.
  4. Put in the work necessary to achieve your transition.

    • This step is the hardest because it requires a lot out of you, and it will not be easy when you are faced with resistance from yourself and other people around you.
    • You have to be 100% committed to putting in the work and following all of the steps in your plan in order to see the success you desire.

Once you have become in reality what you used to pretend, there is no longer a need for you to pretend.

I encourage you take a look at the things that you have found yourself pretending to think, feel, or be. Think about how it made you felt to be in that moment. That moment does not have to be temporary and only pretend unless you want it be. Let’s remember that pretending can only take you so far unless you are willing to do what it takes to transform what you want from pretending to reality.


I have five questions in which I would love for you to give some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below:

  1. Can you recall a moment where you found yourself pretending to be, think, or feel something or someone?

  2. What made you decide to pretend?

  3. Did you decide to turn what you were pretending into reality?

    • If yes, how did you do it?
    • If no, why did you decide not to do it?
  4. How did transforming what you were pretending into reality change your life?

  5. What would tell someone who is considering making whatever they are pretending into reality?

Your answers and comments can help someone understand that you never have to pretend to be anything as long as you are willing to do what it truly takes to make what you want to do and be actually become a reality.


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

10 thoughts on “How Can You Turn Pretend Into Reality Now?

  1. Nice! I actually wrote an entry on a similar vein but I like yours better because it’s far more complete. I did pretend to be a lot of things as a kid. Even those things I didn’t end up being, I learned about them and somewhat integrated them into my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment and insight Rohvannyn! It is good to see that you did not give up on the things you did pretend about because you were able to find a spot for them in your life. In essence, it help to expand and give your life much more to look at.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When I got my first job it was in retail and I was shy! I had trouble talking over the loudspeaker, interacting with customers, etc. In order not to be eaten alive by bully customers and coworkers,.I had to pretend to be outgoing, confident, and an authority on our products and services. I watched the more experienced workers and mimicked them. Eventually I became a manager and I was an authority on products and services and even began training other managers. And although I still feel shy I can now easily interact with customers and my employees. An added bonus is I was able to transfer this practice to my social life as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello. To you*
    I find breathing. Believing. Trusting and creating my own reality. . A daily task.
    When I do feel hear see. Or speak of my own truth . I become slightly contented

    calm and reassured.. happy….*
    but mostly I am overwelmed scared anxious and to the point of suicidal. Any divine intervention truth and love from family an friends animals or nature . Sends me into adown ward spiral.

    Liked by 1 person

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