What Are Five Ways That Sharing Your Cry For Help Or Need Can Help You And Your Situation?

“If you want people to answer your cries for need or help, you have to clearly say and let it be known, or else your cries for need and help will remain unanswered.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind when it comes to you receiving help or needing something.

If there is one thing you have in common with everyone else in the world is that we all have needs, and that for some of those wants, we need some type of help. Whether we choose to openly admit these things to someone else or not to ourselves or someone else, it is important to know this because it reminds us all that at some point, we need someone to help us in our various times of need.

In today’s inspiration, the focus is on understanding how letting the world know you need help can benefit your current situation. The goal is to for you to understand how just simply saying what you need help with can determine whether or not you will have the opportunity or chance to receive what you need to help improve your current situation.

What can hold you back from letting the world know about your cries for need or help?

This is a question that is tough to answer from person to person because there are various reasons why we all can be afraid of asking someone else for need or help. I want to share with you five common things that can possibly hold you back from letting the world know you need help:

  1. Pride and ego.
    • When you have pride, asking for need or help can be a big deal because you may think it shows weakness, which can bruise your ego a bit.
    • Allowing pride to get in the way of asking for help or need can cause you to not to receive the help you needed and experience hardships.
  2. Fear of rejection.
    • Nobody wants to deal with having their cries for help or need rejected because it can hurt and make a person think nobody else cares about what they are asking for.
    • If you let that fear of rejection get in the way, whether it is one or multiple times, you will lose your confidence necessary to share your cries for help and need to the world.
  3. Not having the right words.
    • You may have a desire for someone to help you, but you may feel that you may not be able to express it the right way for it to be fulfilled.
    • If you let that get in the way and not say anything, nobody will ever know that you needed help.
  4. Your personal situation.
    • Depending on what your situation may be, you may not feel confident in sharing your cries for need or help to someone else because you fear that trouble or harm may come from sharing information about yourself and/or the people involved.
    • If you let your personal situation get in the way, things are either going to remain as they are or possible get worse.
  5.  Other people.
    • People may provide through their words or actions a response as to either answer, tell, or show you what they think or feel you should do about your cry for help or need.
    • If you allow a person to hold you back from sharing your needs, you are basically allowing that person to have control over expressing what you truly need.

If you are letting someone or something hold you back from sharing your need for help, you should not be surprised if your requests remain unanswered.

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What is the reality of you not sharing your cry for help or need?

The reality of not asking for help or need comes down to these five facts:

  1. If you build a wall with your past rejections, future help may not be able to reach you.
  2. If you never ask or tell, nobody will ever know.
  3. If think nobody will care, then they will never get the chance to care.
  4. If you feel nobody can help you, then nobody can give you the help you need.
  5. By you not asking for help from someone else, you are rejecting any possible chance of having your needs met.

Simply put, not sharing your cries for help or need to the world limits you from receiving help and other people from giving you help.

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What are five ways that sharing your cry for help or need can help you and your situation?

Although asking for help may be a scary experience, and you may receive rejections along the way, it has the potential to positively benefit you and your situation. Here are five ways how that can happen:

  1. It gets your request out into the world.
    • No matter how many times you may have to say it, saying what you need help with or for makes everyone aware of what they are.
  2. It attracts people who want to listen and/or help.
    • Whether you can see it or not, when your cry for need or help is put out into the world, there will be at least one person who will either see, listen, or answer your request for help.
  3. It brings resources and solutions your way.
    • Your request for help creates avenues for the proper resources and solutions to make itself available to you, whether or not you believe they may be able to help you in your situation.
  4. It can provide you hope and encouragement.
    • Knowing that you have the proper resources and the right people in place to help you makes you feel good about successfully dealing with the areas in which you need help.
  5. It gives you the chance to have your cries for need or help fulfilled.
    • This only happens when you share with the world what it is that you need help with, otherwise, you may not feel satisfied with your current situation.

Sharing your cry for help can prove to be beneficial towards helping you with your current situation as long as you believe that it can be.

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Let’s remember that there is always the possibility for someone to help you with your cries for help or need, but you have to say something in order for the process to begin.

In the comments section, I want to ask you six questions. Feel free to comment and answer below:

  1. Can you recall an important moment in your life where you put out a cry for help or need?
  2. What made you decide to put out your cry for help in that situation?
  3. What fears did you have about asking for help at that moment?
  4. How did your cry for help provide answers for you to deal with that important situation
  5. How did that moment have an effect on how you have asked for help in situations since that moment?
  6. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to figure how to share their cries for help or need with the world?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else find out how to feel comfortable about sharing their cries for help or need with the world.


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

4 thoughts on “What Are Five Ways That Sharing Your Cry For Help Or Need Can Help You And Your Situation?

  1. Thanks for this, what an awesome and thorough post! I am a mental health therapist and definitely have to make it clear to some of my clients that they cannot have expectations if they have never expressed their needs to others! As you said — if you don’t ask, no one can help!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment and insight Berklee! I agree that it is important to let someone know when you are in need of help because it does ultimately become the way that other can begin to provide the help that a person may need.


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