What Are Five Steps Towards Reaching For And Getting What You Want?


“Most of the time, God’s promises are in your reach-they are not in your hand. You have to go & get them.” -Tony Evans

Keep this in mind it comes to you see the promise that God or anyone else has in front of you.

Before I get into how you can reach and get it, we need to define our major words: reach and get.

What does it mean to reach?

Merriam-Webster defines reach as for us as the following:

  • To be able to touch, pick up, or grab (something) by moving or stretching

  • To move or stretch (your hand, arm, etc.) when you are trying to touch or grab something.

  • To arrive at (a place that you have been traveling to).

As you see with the definition, reach requires some type of movement to get wherever or whatever you want.


What does it mean to get?

Merriam-Webster defines has many definitions for the word get that would keep us here all day. Here is some of what it means to get it.

  • To succeed in coming or going.

  • To bring or move oneself.

  • To reach or enter into a certain condition.

  • To make progress.

  • To acquire wealth.

  • To be able.

  • To come to be.

  • To succeed in becoming.

  • To become involved.

  • To leave immediately.

Simply put, the word get is telling you what you need to do in order reach what you want or where you want to go.


What are four reasons why someone would fail after reaching for what they want?

A person may reach for something, but fails to get what they want. The answer can vary as to why from person to person, but here are four reasons:

  1. They did not do their homework.

    • They did not take the time to study on what they need to do in order to get what they want.
    • They come into the situation unprepared without the knowledge necessary to reach and get what they want.
  2. They did not have a plan or some type of contingency plan.

    • They decided to simply reach for something without any type of plan or simply a plan with just one option.
    • They come into trying to get it and become lost when things do not work out according to plan, if they had a plan.
  3. They listened to and followed bad influences.

    • They listened to and followed people who never got or went anywhere in life.
    • Their results start to mirror those bad influences and they never get or go anywhere in life.
  4. What they wanted took too long or too much of their time.

    • They decided that they could not wait much longer on getting somewhere or something because they have no time or energy left.
    • They decide to turn back and wait for another time or easier approach instead of staying with it.

For what ever reason a person does not get what they reach for, the common denominator comes back to the person who chose not to get it. If you choose not to get what you are reaching for, you are the reason why you did not get it.


What are five steps towards reaching for and getting what you want?

There is a five step plan that you can use to reach for and get what you want. If you want to reach for and get what you want, follow the five steps below:

  1. Set a goal.

    • Pick out a goal that you desire to accomplish in your life.
    • Once you set the goal, focus your mind, body, and soul on that goal only.
  2. Make a plan.

    • Research your goal, find what you need in terms of resources and what it takes, and develop your plan for success.
    • Plan out your steps and have contingencies in place so that you can keep moving despite obstacles.
  3. Get to work.

    • Take action on your goal and plan by taking that first step and moving in the direction that you need to go in to get it.
    • Take your time to do the work the right way and avoid taking shortcuts.
  4. Stick with it.

    • Stay with the goal and plan no matter how tough or hard the road may get.
    • Sticking with it, making adjustments, and remaining patient will get you where you want to go and what you want quicker than quitting.
  5. Reach your goal.

    • When you reach your goal, it is the ultimate sign that everything you did paid off.
    • If you do all of the above, you will reach your goal and get to whatever and wherever you want.

If you can follow these five steps, you will give yourself the best chance to reach out and get whatever you desire out of life.


I encourage you to reach out and get what you want out of life. You will find that the only person that can accomplish your goals is yourself. Nobody else will do the reaching and getting for you because they are busy doing it for themselves first. You must take on that same mentality if you want to be successful. Let’s remember that you can reach for anything, but in order to actually to get it, you got to put in the work necessary.

I have a few questions to ask you and please give it some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below.

  1. What was the hardest thing you had to reach for and get?

  2. What did you do in order to reach and get it?

  3. How has that moment affected you your life?

  4. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to reach for get what they want out of life?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else figure out how to be successful when it comes to reaching for and getting the goals needed to be successful.


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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