How Can You Bring Out Your Daring Side?



“All serious daring starts from within.” -Eudora Welty

Keep this in mind whenever you are wondering about yourself and where becoming daring begins.

I want to start off by asking you a few questions:

  1. Do you consider yourself daring?

  2. Are you fearless when it comes from becoming daring?

  3. Have you ever thought of doing something daring?

  4. Are you ready to be someone or do something daring?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are definitely are the daring type.

If you answer no to any or all of these questions, it is okay because you have what it takes on the inside, but you have to bring out what makes you daring. Today’s inspiration is all about bringing out that daring side of you. We will discuss the following:

  1. What does it mean to be daring?

  2. What are four factors that can prevent a person from becoming daring or doing things that are daring?

  3. How can you bring out the daring side of you?

Now that we have the questions let’s find the answers!

What does it mean to be daring?

Merriam-Webster defines daring as:

  • Showing a lack of fear.

  • Willing to do dangerous or difficult things.

Being daring simply means that you are willing to do things that are wild and become a person who wants face whatever comes your way.


What are four factors that can prevent a person from becoming daring or doing things that are daring?

Becoming a daring person does not come easy for everyone. The same goes for people doing daring things. Here are four factors that could prevent a person becoming and doing things that are daring:

  1. Outside of comfort zone.

    • A person may feel uneasy being someone and doing something that takes them outside of who they are and what they want to do in their normal life.
    • A person like will less likely want to take chances or risks on thing that will make them leave what is comfortable and familiar.
  2. Phobias

    • A person may have a serious fear of someone or something that may make them freak out and shut down mentally or physically.
    • A person with a phobia may find themselves always running away from their fears versus facing them.
  3. Negativity and sabotaging from inside and outside sources.

    • A person may allow for himself/herself or someone else to talk them out of becoming daring and taking a chance on doing something daring.
    • A person with negativity coming from within and outside will never be prompted to try anything that could come with a risk or danger factor.
  4. Lack of faith.

    • A person may not feel comfortable becoming someone or doing something that is daring unless they can either know or control all of the aspects of the situation.
    • A person who need to always be in control will never learn how to become flexible, have faith, and let the journey take them where he/she needs to be.

If you are letting someone or something hold you back from becoming daring, then you are missing out on your opportunity to explore and grow in your life.


How can you bring out the daring side of you?

If you are bottling up that daring side of you, then it is time to bring it out! Dr. Jessica Casey shares on WikiHow how to become more outgoing and daring in life. These things listed will not feature anything dangerous or wild (sorry guys), but they will feature things that can get you to come out from your comfort zone and leave your fears. I will talk about the parts that she have listed and give my insight on the steps included with each one.

Part 1: Cultivating your extrovert. 

One part of bring out that daring side is to cultivate the extrovert side of you that you have locked up inside. Here are eight ways you can cultivate your extroverted side:

  1. Project positivity with body language.

    • Use your eyes, face, hands, posture, and gestures to help promote the positivity that exists inside of you.
    • Projecting positivity with your body language will begin to attract people to you and allow for you show off your confidence.
  2. Approach other people.

    • Pay attention to people in terms of their body language and find people who seem available and inviting for you to converse with.
    • Approach other people may be scary, but it allows for you to build confidence in your ability to meet other people.
  3. Strike up conversation.

    • Start and lead a talk among another person or group about something that can engage and promote interaction.
    • Striking up a conversation can be an excellent way to break the silence and  find out more about a person.
  4. Use an icebreaker.

    • Use a joke or statement that will help you break up the silence and awkwardness.
    • An icebreaker can make the difference when you are trying to get something started.
  5. Introduce yourself.

    • Just be honest and tell people who you are any and other details you want them to know.
    • Introducing yourself is one way that you can ensure people get to know you.
  6. Express your thoughts.

    • Do not be afraid to give your thoughts and opinions about something in a manner in which will promote healthy discussions and networking opportunities.
    • Expressing your thoughts allow for people to see your views on various topics in life.
  7. Extend and accept invitations.

    • Put on and take moments to do lunch, parties, celebrations, parties, and other activities that will allow for you and other people to hang out and enjoy each other.
    • Extending and accepting invitations will allow for you and other people to enjoy each other while building valuable friendships and relationships.
  8. Circulating around different groups.

    • Listen to the conversation of other groups and interject yourself by moving in and acknowledging your appreciation of the conversation.
    • Circulating around different groups give you the opportunity to mingle and meet other people from different backgrounds.


Part 2: Acting with confidence. 

Another part of bring out that daring side is about you acting with the confidence that is inside of you. Here are six ways you can act with confidence:

  1. Realize that everyone is special.

    • Make a list of everything that makes you special and make sure not to compare your list with someone else’s list.
    • Realizing what makes you special can help you understand that everyone has something special to bring to a conversation or situation.
  2. Accept yourself.

    • Learn to make a list of the things that makes you unique as you are and refer to them when you need them.
    • Accepting yourself can help you appreciate and have confidence that can spread onto other people.
  3. Believe in yourself.

    • Give yourself daily affirmations, surround yourself with positive people, and find positive markers in your day that will allow for you to believe in yourself.
    • When you believe in yourself, it can drive you do whatever you set your mind to.
  4. Counteract negative thoughts.

    • Identify, reassess, and change your negative thought processes with positive thought processes that will get you moving.
    • Counteracting negative thoughts will allow for you to boost your confidence and self-esteem whenever you need to most past tough times.
  5. Encourage yourself.

    • Give yourself praise and positive affirmation to keep your spirit going.
    • When you encourage yourself, you are giving yourself fuel to keep fighting and pushing through your challenges.
  6. Have a good time.
    • Let go of the negativity and have fun around people whom you find to be fun and relaxing.
    • Having a good time can help you become relaxed, confident, and daring.


Part 3: Taking Risks. 

The third and final part is all about you taking risks to help bring out the daring side of you. Here are five ways you can bring yourself towards taking risks:

  1. Set goals for yourself.

    • Use the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) method to make out and write goals for you to accomplish.
    • Setting goals will allow for you to have a road map that you can use to help you with your risk taking.
  2. Have realistic expectations.

    • Set your expectations based upon your research and asking other people who can help you determine if what you are expecting to do can be done within the time frame or way that you want to do it.
    • Having realistic expectations will help you divert your energy towards goals that you have a chance at achieving.
  3. Try new experiences.

    • Rise above your fears by keeping your mind open and trying different things that will expand your horizons.
    • When you try new experiences, it will bring your way new memories and lessons that can encourage you to have more experiences in the future.
  4. Embrace changes.

    • Take small steps and accept whatever changes may come from the decisions and risks to you take.
    • Embracing changes allows for you to learn how to take and accept future risks.
  5. Accept failure.

    • Understand why you experienced failure in a certain area so that you can learn from it and get the help you need.
    • Accepting failure will allow for you to deal with setbacks and come back stronger to deal with future risks.


I encourage you to look at the moments where you decided to be daring. It may have been scary at first, but once you did it, it changed your life in some way. What is important here is that when you were daring, you did what was outside of your box! Let’s remember that you have what it takes to be daring simply by living your unique life daily, so if you continue to add something new to it constantly, your daring lifestyle will get better over time.


I have four questions to ask you in which I want you to give some thought. Feel free to answer and comment below:

  1. Can you recall a moment where you were daring?

  2. What made you daring in that moment?

  3. How did that daring moment change your life?

  4. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to find or wants to be daring?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else understand that exploring the daring side of yourself can bring forth the opportunities that can lead to your success!


I am a husband, father, life coach, motivator, and sailor wrapped into one guy with one mission in mind: To bring you the motivation and inspiration one post at a time!

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