What Are Three Ways You Can Be A Living Memorial For The People Who Have Passed Away In Your Life?


“Sometimes, no matter how faith we have, we lose people. But you never forget them. And sometimes, it’s the memories that gives us the faith to go on.” -heartfeltquotes.blogspot.com

Keep this in mind whenever you think about the memories of the people whom you have lost.

Whenever we deal with the loss of a friend, family member, co-worker, colleague, or someone whom we know, what we have left are our memories of that person. We seem to remember the good, the bad, and everything else in between. Some of those memories will make us feel good while others memories will make us feel sorrow.

Today’s inspiration is focused upon you becoming a walking and living memorial for those whom you have lost. The goal here is for you to find ways to be a memorial to where people can witness the legacy and see how they have impacted your life.

What are three things those who have passed away left behind for you?

It is hard to think about this question whenever you are dealing with the loss of someone whom you know or care about because their physical presence is no longer here for you to talk to or interact with. There are three things that they have left behind for you that you to remember.

  1. Wisdom
    • Through their words and/or actions, they have given you lessons and advice that have helped you to navigate through certain points of your life.
  2. Material Things
    • There are things and possessions that they have left behind for you and others to remember their life and who they were while living.
  3. Memories
    • They have left you with memories of their life and everything that they have done while alive, whether good or bad.

As you can see, when someone whom you know have passed, they do leave behind quite a lot for the world to remember their life.

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What are three reasons why you must be a living memorial for those whom you know have passed?

This question is important because your role in keeping their memories and legacy alive is vital for other people to know. Here are three reasons why you must be the living memorial for those who have passed away in your life:

  1. You give the those whom have passed away a voice.
    • Although they may be gone, you have the ability to speak on their behalf because of the relationship that you have shared with them while alive.
  2. You have memories that must be told or shared.
    • You have the ability to share stories about those whom you have lost that material things cannot share in allowing people to get a glimpse as to how they lived while alive.
  3. It allows for others to see their legacy and impact upon your life.
    • When people can see how they have touched you through their words and actions, it allows for people to see how they live on through you.

Being a living memorial is important means for the world to get to know the people who have touched your life before passing on.

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How can you become a living memorial for the people who have passed away in your life?

You have the opportunity to be a living memorial for those who have passed away in your life. If you are needing help with this, here are three ways you can do this.

  1. Share their stories through your words.
    • Sharing their stories allow for people to get to know a portion about the person while they were living.
    • You can do this through the following:
      • Talking to people in conversation.
      • Doing a recording for video or audio.
      • Writing online, in a book, or personal journal.
      • Doing poetry or song.
  2. Show it through your actions.
    • Your actions allow for people to see a glimpse into what impact they have had on your life.
    • You can let this show simply by you doing things that would bring some resemblance to what that person would have done if they were living. You can also do it through prayer, meditation, or even a memorial.
  3. Display it through visual art.
    • Visual art gives people a chance to get a visual of that person along with the people and/or things that was important to that person.
    • You can accomplish this through showing your art in the form of the following:
      • Artwork on a canvas, wall, or souvenir items (cups, key chains, jewelry, etc.)
      • On articles of clothing.
      • Online through social media or art website.
      • On your body in the form of a tattoo or body painting.

If you can take and apply any ways listed above, you will be able to be the living memorial for people to remember those who have impacted your life.


Let’s remember that as a living memorial, you have the ability to let the world know about the people who have impacted your life by telling the stories and memories. Through you, they can continue to live on in spirit and memory despite not being physically here.

In the comments section, I want to ask you four questions. Feel free to comment and answer below:

  1. How have chosen to be living memorial to your lost ones?
  2. How has your remembrance helped to keep their memories alive?
  3. Do you feel that how you have chosen to remember and share their memories with the world represents them in the best light possible?
  4. What would you recommend to someone who is trying to find a way to be a living memorial to someone who they have lost?

Your answers and comments can help yourself or someone else find out how to be a living memorial and keep the memories of those who have passed on still alive and well in spirit through you.






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